A legal library in your pocket!

30 May 2016 - 10:00
Pocket Law

The DGRU,  AfricanLII and Saflii  are proud to announce the launch of a joint project - Pocket Law - An offline, updatable  resource of legal information. After a year spent developing and perfecting pocket law, we finally  launched Pocket Law to the Faculty of Law staff at UCT, on the 24th May 2016.  
Internet accessibility in Africa is often expensive, intermittent and unreliable, and it was in response to this that the idea of Pocket Law was conceived. Courts in both South Africa and the region often experience internet connectivity issues and we are confident that Pocket Law will help ease the frustration of these judges when they need to reference case law or legislation. In addition , students with no internet at home will be able to do research and the smaller or start-up law firms will be able to subscribe to a legal library that won’t bankrupt them!
There are three versions of Pocket Law: one is the entire SAFLII database; one is of our regional Africanlii databases and the third is a version for community based paralegal which contains SAFLII as well as relevant resources and training materials
Pocket law is available to all who want to subscribe to the product. For more information contact