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Research Tools for Students

First stop for any research is, of course, the library. And for the style sheet that sets out the referencing system that the UCT Law Faculty follows, click here. See especially page 40 for an example of how the referencing system works.

Law Faculty Ethics Policy

It is critical that you get ethics clearance for any research that involves human subjects. This means that if you are writing a paper for any course at any level and in the process want to interview anyone – your classmates, a random selection of people in Rondebosch, women living in secure places, prisoners, your family, someone else’s family, in short anyone – you need ethics clearance.

You should fill in the form, discuss it with your supervisor and then submit it to the committee through Mrs Sue Wright.

Clearance may take a week or two so don't leave this too late. To read the policy, click here. To view the form click here.

How to write a research proposal

This document click here provides guidance on how to write a research proposal. It was written for students who are working in sociology or similar areas but is helpful for lawyers, you simply need to adjust its requirement to fit the kind of project you are doing.

Guidelines for final year LLB research papers

A few years ago the Faculty drafted the attached guidelines for research projects to give both students and supervisors a clear idea of what is expected of a final year paper.

For the Guidelines click here

Memo of understanding

If you are registered for a LLM by research or a PhD you and your supervisor need to sign a memorandum of understanding. This will set out your expectations and those of your supervisor.

For memo of understanding click here.

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