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Phindile Ntliziywana


Phindile Ntliziywana is a lecturer of public law and teaches in the areas of Constitutional Law and Local Government Law. He holds LLB (2008) and LLM (2009) degrees from the University of the Western Cape. He also holds a Diploma in Federalism from the University of Fribourg, Switzerland. He has worked as a researcher attached to the Community Law Centre at UWC for five years and is currently reading for an LLD. His research, teaching and consulting focuses on multilevel government, local government, good governance and federalism in Africa and has a burgeoning number of publications on these topics.  Some of his more recent and forthcoming publications include the following:


Chirwa, D.M. and Ntliziywana, P. (2017) ‘Political Parties and their Capacity to Provide Parliamentary Oversight’ in H. Thuynsma et al (eds) Political Parties in South Africa: Do they Underpin or Undermine Democracy? (Forthcoming).

Ntliziywana, P. (2016) Adding Injury to Insult: Intrusive Laws on Top of a Weak System. Constitutional Court Review, VI: 32 – 56.

Ntliziywana, P and Powell, D (2015) ‘South Africa Inc.’: The Rise of the Developmental State and the Corporatization of Intergovernmental Relations’ in F Palermo & E Alber (eds) Federalism as decision-making: changes in structures, procedures and policies. BRILL/NIJHOFF: Netherlands.

Ntliziywana, P and Ayele, Z. (2015) ‘Inclusion of Marginalised Groups through Devolution in South Africa’ in N. Steytler and Y. Pal Ghai (eds) Kenyan-South African Dialogue on Devolution. Juta: Kenya.

Powell, D. and Ntliziywana, P (2015) ‘Implementing Provincial and Local Government in Post-Apartheid South African’ in N. Steytler and Y. Pal Ghai (eds) Kenyan-South African Dialogue on Devolution. Juta: Kenya.

Ntliziywana, P. (2012) Insulating Administrative Decision Making Relating to Individual Staff Appointments from political Meddling: Manana v King Sabata Dalindyebo Municipality. South African Law Journal 129(1): 49 – 58.