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Danwood Chirwa

Danwood Chirwa


Danwood Mzikenge Chirwa holds a PhD from the University of the Western Cape, an LLM from the University of Pretoria, and an LLB from the U niversity of Malawi. Currently, he is Head of the Department of Public Law, Professor and junior fellow at the University of Cape Town. He was a Director of the Open Democracy and Advice Centre (ODAC, 2006-2009), and Secretary-General of the African Network of Constitutional Lawyers (2007-2008). H e is a Director of RAPCAN (a South African child rights and welfare NGO based in Cape Town) and the Socio-Economic Rights Institute (a South African NGO focussing on socio-economic rights). He is a contributing editor to the South African Journal of Criminal Justice (since 2006) and an Editor of the ESR Review (since 2002) and has also served on the Editorial Board of the Acta Juridica (2006). Currently, he serves on the Advisory Boards of the Constitutional Court Review, the City of Hon Kong University Law Review, and the University of Ilorin Law Journal. He is also the founder and Editor-in-Chief of the Malawi Law Journal. Danwood Chirwa has published on various human rights issues - such as privatization and human rights, non-state actors and human rights, children's rights, women's rights, economic, social and cultural rights, domestic protection of human rights, and international protection of human rights. He has also worked in collaboration international and African-based NGOs, such as the Rights and Democracy (Canadian), Community Law Centre (South African), African Child Policy Forum (Ethiopian based), ESCR-Net (USA based), Southern African Human Rights Trust (Zimbabwean), and Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (Malawian). He has been and is an external examiner of undergraduate courses and PhD and LLM theses for a number of universities including the City of Hong Kong University, the University of the Witwatersrand, the University of Pretoria, the University of Fort Hare, Stellenbosch University, the University of Malawi, the University of the North-West, and the University of the Western Cape.

Courses taught

  • International Protection of Human Rights PBL6031S (now PBL5631S) (postgrad)
  • International Rights of the Child PBL6028F (now PBL5628F) (postgrad)
  • Administrative Law PBL4001W (undergrad)
  • Current Issues in Constitutional Law PBL5042F (now PBL4105F) (undergrad)


Postgraduate supervision

LLM and PhD supervision in all areas of human rights especially economic, social and cultural rights, domestic protection and implementation of human rights, children's rights, regional protection of human rights, aspects of the international protection of human rights, national human rights institutions, NGOs, non-state actors, horizontal application of human rights, and privatisation.

Current and planned major projects for the next five years

  • A book on Constitutionalised administrative law: The case of Malawi
  • A book on Children's rights in an African context
  • An edited book on Malawian Constitutional law


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