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Aninka Claassens


Aninka Claassens is the former Director of the Land and Accountability Research Centre (LARC) and currently a chief researcher at LARC. Aninka has a PhD in Development Studies from Roskilde University in Denmark. Her overarching research focus is on the nature and content of customary law in the South African constitutional dispensation. In particular, she focuses on the tensions between the jurisprudence of open-ended ‘living’ customary law emanating from the Constitutional Court, and the bounded and autocratic version of custom contained in traditional leadership laws that have been enacted since 2003.

In 2009 she brought the Rural Women’s Action Research programme (RWAR) into the (then) Law Race & Gender Unit (LRG) at UCT. Soon after that, Sindiso Mnisi joined RWAR and they worked together on the Traditional Courts Bill. Aninka coordinated the research for the legal challenge against the Communal Land Rights Bill, which was struck down by the Constitutional Court in 2010.

She worked closely with the Community Agency for Social Inquiry in designing a survey of three thousand women to ascertain rates of change in relation to unmarried women accessing residential sites in ‘communal’ areas and has published many articles that pertain to changing marriage rates and land rights.  

In 2015, RWAR became a separate research centre, which is now known as LARC.

Aninka has been engaged in land issues in South Africa for 25 years. She began her working life as a trade union organiser. During the 1980s she worked closely with rural communities resisting forced removals. From 1990 she was senior researcher in the Land Rights Project at the Centre for Applied Legal Studies (CALS) at Wits University. During South Africa's transition, Aninka participated in working groups that developed proposals pertaining to legislation dealing with restitution and the protection of labour tenant and farm worker rights. She was a member of the ANC's land desk and was a technical expert to the Constitutional Assembly on land rights and the property clause.

From 1997-1999 she was an Advisor to the Minister of Land Affairs. At the Ministry she was engaged in the process of drafting and negotiating legislation pertaining to land rights on white farms and in developing proposals for tenure reform. From 2000-2003 she undertook various research projects with PLAAS at UWC, and also worked on urban land issues. From 2003-2009 she worked for the Legal Resources Centre, where she co-ordinated the rural consultation and research process pertaining to a legal challenge to the Communal Land Rights Act and other customary law related cases. In 2009 she moved to the Law Race and Gender Unit at UCT and founded the Rural Women's Action Research Project (RWAR) there.

LARC today forms part of a collaborative network, constituted as the Alliance for Rural Democracy, which provides strategic support to struggles for the recognition and protection of rights and living customary law in the former homeland areas of South Africa.  LARC is particularly interested by the ways in which laws and policies frame power relations within these areas and threaten ongoing initiatives for democratic change and accountability at the local level.

In 2016, Aninka was appointed to chair the land component in a High Level Panel headed by former president, Kgalema Motlanthe, which has been engaged in public hearings about poverty and inequality, land reform and social cohesion throughout South Africa.  The Panel reported to Parliament on its findings and recommendations in November 2017.

Teaching and Supervision

Aninka is primarily a researcher as opposed to a lecturer but has presented some guest lectures, for example:

  • 'Advocacy: Strategic Litigation and Extra-Parliamentary Campaigns' - for the LLM/MPhil course Social Justice in Practice(PBL6048S) in the Department of Public Law, UCT
  • 'Women's Land Rights' - for the LLM/MPhil course International Protection of Women's Human Rights (PBL6051S) in the Department of Public Law, UCT
  • 'Interface Between Living Customary Laws of Marriage and South African State Law' - for the preliminary year LLB course Law of Persons and Marriage (RDL1002H) in the Department of Public Law, UCT (with Sindiso Mnisi Weeks)

Selected Publications

Edited Books

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Journal articles

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Occasional papers/ Research reports/ Popular journals

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