Constitutional and Administrative Law

An LLM in Constitutional and Administrative Law provides a graduate with thorough knowledge at an advanced level of Constitutionalism, Human Rights and Administrative Justice, as well as critical insights into the most important challenges in the field of specialisation.

Core courses:
Governing under the Constitution (PBL5623F)
Administrative Justice and Open Governance (PBL5658S)

Elective courses:
International Environmental Law (PBL5619S)
Principles of Environmental Law (PBL5640F)
Refugee Law and Human Rights (PBL5653F)
Human Rights, Legal Pluralism, Religion and Culture (PBL5659S)
Litigating the South African Bill of Rights (PBL5661S)
Transparency Law & Governance: Global and Local Theory & Practice (PBL5663S)
Law and Society in Africa (PBL5849F) (Not offered in 2021)