Social Justice in Practice


Higher postgraduate course, second semester. There will be weekly seminars or workshops and approximately 10 days of fieldwork, which are spread over the period of the course.

Course convener(s): Ms M von Broembsen

Course outline:
This course is concerned with social justice in practice. Our touchstone is the transformative vision embodied in the Constitution of South Africa, as we reflect on the interplay between rights, social mobilisation, advocacy and developmental strategies within a participatory democracy.
Using ‘Legal Empowerment of the Poor' as a lens, the course reflects on notions of empowerment; how power (including our own) impacts on and shapes the practical outworking of social justice and at times results in unintended consequences.
The main focus of the seminars is on practical strategies intended to facilitate social justice. Students will study the theory in each area and undertake selected site visits to projects that reflect best practice. Students are assigned to work with a civil society organization for the duration of the course. Each student will be required to spend 32 hours with the organisation, spread over the period of the course. The course concludes with the design and implementation of a small-scale development intervention by the student, in conjunction with the civil society partner.

DP requirements: None.



Participation and class assignments 50%  
Practical project instead of written examination 50%

Students are required to pass the practical project in order to pass the course.