International Law on Theory and Practice


Higher postgraduate course, First Semester.

Course co-ordinator: Associate Professor Cathleen Powell.

Course entry requirements: This course can be taken by students who do not have a suitable undergraduate or LLB qualification in Public International Law. It is also open to students who have already studied Public International Law but wish to deepen their understanding of the subject.

Course Outline:
This course functions as an introduction to International law and a foundation for other courses in the master's programme in International Law. It covers the relevant legal principles and institutions in broad outline, while investigating a series of theoretical questions central to international law. The emphasis is on seminars and class discussion.

  1. History and Theory of International Law.
  2. Sources of International Law.
  3. The relationship between International and Municipal Law.
  4. Subjects of International Law.
  5. Objects of International Law.
  6. Treaties
  7. Limitations on jurisdiction, including sovereign immunity and treatment of aliens
  8. State responsibility.
  9. State succession.

DP Requirements: Satisfactory attendance at and participation in seminars.

Assessment: Essay 35%, Class participation 10% and the final written examination counts for 55% of the final grade.