Final Level, half course, first semester, two lectures per week.

Course convener: Prof Elrena van der Spuy.

Course Outline:
The aim of this course is to critically engage with a select number of issues of criminological relevance to the South African society. For each of the substantive areas to be discussed we will organise our discussion around a number of key questions: What are the key features of criminological discourse on issue such as: gangs; corporate crime; gendered violence; organised crime; youth violence; crime prevention etc. What are the main strategies, (social, legal and administrative) for addressing the particular phenomenon? What is known about the size, shape and content of the phenomenon in South Africa? What are the main features of public/popular debate on the issue in South Africa? If possible field visits to criminal justice institutions will be arranged.

DP requirements: None.

Assessment: Class attendance, participation and hand-ins 30%; Take home exam (6 hours) 70%