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Criminal Procedure

PBL3802H & PBL4802H

Intermediate & Final level, half course, whole year. Three tutorials and 36 lectures.

Course convenor(s): Associate Professor D Smythe

Course Outline:
The general principles of criminal procedure both in Magistrates' Courts and in the High Court. Particular attention will be paid to the impact of constitutional rights on criminal procedure. The course deals inter alia with the following topics: criminal procedural models and the nature of the South African criminal procedural system, the composition of the South African judicial authority and jurisdiction of the criminal courts, the national prosecuting authority, various pre-trial procedures, such as arrest, search and seizure and bail, all aspects relating to the trial, including the plea procedures and the verdict and sentence, and review and appeal.

DP requirements: None.



Optional essay/moot/opinion 20%
June test 20%
Assignment 10%
November examination (2 hour) 50% (if essay/moot/opinion)
70% (if no essay/moot/opinion)