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Professor Pierre De Vos teaches and is interested in Constitutional Law.

Nurina Ally's research interests include public interest litigation, children's rights and models for movement lawyering.  



Associate Professor Waheeda Amien's research interests include Religious and Cultural Personal and Family Laws and Legal Pluralism with a focus on Muslim Personal Law.

Associate Professor Richard Calland specialises in Freedom of information law and Democratic governance and Sustainable development.

Professor Danwood Chirwa specialises in economic, social and cultural rights, children’s rights, international human rights law, and comparative African constitutional and administrative law.

Dr Aninka Claassensresearch focus is on the nature and content of customary law in the South African constitutional dispensation.

Emeritus Professor Hugh Corder's interests include Comparative administrative justice in the British Commonwealth, Administrative Law Reform in South Africa, the Separation of Powers from the Judicial perspective.

Emeritus Professor Jan Glazewski's research interests include climate change law, energy law and environmental law.

Associate Professor Fatima Khan specialises in Refugee Law.

Lauren Kohn specialises in Constitutional and Administrative Law.

Salona Lutchman's research interests include Public International law and Human rights with a focus on children's rights and health law.

Professor Rashida Manjoo specialises in Human Rights.

Amanda Mkhonza's focus is Environmental Law, with particular interest in protection of water resources.

Tshepo Mosaka's research interests include Evidence, Jurisprudence, Legal Argumentation and African Studies.



Dr Kelley Moult's recent research projects include child marriage, sexual health and reproductive rights in Southern Africa, as well as the intersection of Western and traditional justice systems in terms of gender-based violence.


Emeritus Professor Christina Murray has taught and written on human rights law (and particularly issues relating to gender equality, violence against women, constitutional rights for women and African customary law), international law, and constitutional law (including systems of government, multilevel government, fiscal federalism and traditional leadership.

Jameelah Omar's research focuses on procedure and substantive criminal law, especially sexual offences. She has also published on the law on protest.  

Professor Alexander Paterson's areas of interest and research include biodiversity, protected areas, land use planning and incentive based environmental regulation.

Kelly Phelpsresearches and publishes on constitutional criminal adjudication, sexual offences and sentencing.

Associate Professor Cathleen Powell has published in the areas of international law, constitutional law, international organisations, legal theory, counterterrorism and the interface between law and politics in the international arena.


Professor PJ Schwikkard's primary research interests lie in the intersection of human rights, evidence and criminal procedure.

Emeritus Professor Clifford Shearing's current work is focused on reshaping the boundaries of criminological studies in ways that enable criminologists to engage with the shifts in the risk landscapes that are characterising the 21st Century.

Professor Dee Smythe's research spans a range of areas at the intersection of law, policy, and social justice.

Associate Professor Elrena van der Spuy has published on crime and policing in South Africa, Africa and internationally.

Associate Professor Hannah Woolaver's research interests include Public international law generally; international criminal law; the use of force; the relationship between international and domestic law.