Criminal Justice

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The Department Cluster engages in a broad range of teaching to both postgraduate and undergraduate students. The subject areas covered include international criminal law, criminal law, procedure, evidence, sentencing, criminology and conflict resolution.

The teaching and research profile of the cluster is enhanced by the fact that the cluster has on its academic staff some of the country's leading writers on criminology, criminal law, procedure and evidence. The research of these members of staff is particularly strong on general principles of criminal liability (Jonathan Burchell), the law of evidence (PJ Schwikkard), criminology, access to justice and policing studies (Elrena van der Spuy), criminology, governance of security; policing accountability; prison privatisation; crime statistics (Julie Berg and Clifford Shearing), constitutional criminal adjudication, sexual offences, sentencing (Kelly Phelps).

Further details of research contributions made by academic staff in the cluster can be accessed by visiting the biographical details of each member of staff on this website.

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